As the first son in my family, I was given the name “Sahr,” which means first son Kissi tribe, Sierra Leone, the country of my birth. In 2002, I relocated from Sierra Leone to the United States to attend university. Shortly after completing my Batchelor of Nursing degree from Northeast Iowa Community College in Dubuque Iowa, I relocated to Milwaukee to begin work. Although I am a registered nurse by training, I also have strong business acumen, which is something I learned growing up in the streets of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

After working in healthcare for several years, we saw an opportunity to serve the community so we started our first business in the Milwaukee area. Our philosophy then and now was to make the most of the opportunities presented as everyday life presented an opportunity to learn, disrupt, and to progress. The status quo was just a mindset and just like any mindset it could be changed.  That philosophy remains our guiding principle as we decided to expand create new businesses and expand into diversified business sectors in the United States and Africa.

When I am not working on my various business projects, I enjoy spending time with my family, exercising, and playing table tennis and soccer.